During the upbringing and education of a child one important factor is “are the parents fit for the job?” There is no instruction manual for parenting and no one is born with all of the knowledge necessary. But here are a few rules to help a parent through the process.

1. Children are smarter than you think – do not under estimate your child as he/she understands more than you think. If you make the child feel that you think less of him/her it could affect his/her development.

2. Do not threaten your child – a child is motivated more by love than by threats. If you threaten a child he/she may do exactly what you do not want them to do.

3. No bribing – if you try to get your child to learn by paying them then they will learn that money is more important than the education.

4. No promises – do not make your child promise anything, as most children cannot hold promises so this could create the opportunity for them to lie which could lead to punishment.

5. Allow your child to let go of the apron strings – do not keep your child on a short leash, let them grow up naturally with some amount of space and freedom.

6. Talk on their level – do not use too many big words or words they are not capable of understanding when trying to convey a message. Keep it simple and concise so that he/she understands what you’re trying to say.

7. No immediate obedience expected – a child must learn to think on his/her own so do not expect him/her to immediately and blindly be obedient.

8. Less indulgence – if you indulge a child too much he/she may develop compartmental issues.

9. Do not compromise – do not compromise the rules of a game just for the child. The game is meant to be educational and teach how to follow rules.

10. Keep rules consistent with your child’s age – do not impose rules that do not match the age of your child..