While everyone involved in a divorce goes through a myriad of emotions, the most common one is anger. When a person is hurting because of a bad relationship that ends in divorce, they can become very angry. They may feel the divorce is not their fault and they should not be going through so much pain. When children are involved, it can also become a very painful process for them as well. It is extremely difficult for children to see their parents who once loved each other become so embittered and mean to each other.

Children may start to lash out toward the parent they believe is the cause for the family breaking up. It is very important that you not talk negatively about your ex-spouse and that you keep anger out of any conversations with your children about their other parent. Ask other family members to do the same. If you feel you cannot do this, then you might want to seek help with a divorce support group.

From a child’s viewpoint, the best thing that could happen after a divorce is that he or she is still very much loved by each parent and that both their mother and father continue to be a very big part of their life..