Today it is harder and harder for families to afford childcare. With the lack of income for mothers, it makes it almost impossible to work and still afford daycare for their children. Sometimes it costs more for the daycare service than the mother actually makes on her job. This is a very frustrating situation since most mothers feel as if they should contribute to the family income. Not only does working help the family, but it gives the mother some time to be away from the everyday stress of motherhood. It also provides an outlet for social contacts as well.

When faced with the tough decision of whether or not to work, there are two things to look at when the cost of daycare is close to or equal to the amount that a mother makes on her job. First, she can continue working while searching for another job with better pay or she can continue to stay home with her child.  The mother must decide if working a job where most of her income would be spent paying the cost of daycare is worth having a little time out of the house. If she decides that staying home is the better option for her and her family, she might want to look around and find a program that offers childcare a couple of hours a week such as Mother’s Morning Out offered by some churches..